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Herb and Relish Stuffed Deviled Eggs

Summer is in full swing now in Florida.  It is the time for backyard grilling and entertaining.  In fact, several news reports, including the Wall Street Journal have indicated that more and more people are cooking and entertaining at home … Continue reading

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The Secret to Expanding Your Child’s Palate

Am I the only parent that has a difficult time getting their kids to try different foods?  Perhaps, I am to blame for this phenomenon.  When I was a kid, my Dad made me sit at the table for hours (literally hours) until I ate (or hid) the peas I didn’t like.  Now don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining and I had a great childhood.  I think (?) I turned out….well, sort of okay.

Some of the things I didn’t like “way back then” are not so bad today.   I …
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Do People from Arizona Know about Chow-Chow?

One of the many benefits of running Armadillo Pepper is sampling new products. We are constantly searching for the very best, hard-to-find items.  As a result, we spend a significant amount of time sampling different products with the goal of … Continue reading

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