Peachy Pepper Jelly Coleslaw

Cole Slaw with Pepepr Jelly

Entry #27 on our list of “28 Ways to Eat Pepper Jelly“. The idea for this use came from the folks over at “”.  They have a recipe for homemade Spicy Coleslaw that sounds really good.

This is very simple to make.  We took a shortcut by purchasing some freshly made coleslaw at our local grocery store (16 ounces). Preparation time for this dish is less than 10 minutes.

You can substitute fresh ground pepper if you don’t have the Knox Cracked Pepper Rub, but you will need to increase the amount of pepper.


  • 16 ounces coleslaw
  • 6 heaping teaspoons Pepper Jelly. When we originally created this recipe we used Peach Pepper Jelly. Since then we have used Jalapeno, Mayhaw and Moonshine pepper jellies.
  • 1/2 teaspoon Knox Cracked Pepper Rub


  1. Place the Pepper Jelly in a microwave safe bowl and heat just long enough to soften the pepper jelly.  In my microwave, 15 seconds did the trick.  If you don’t heat the pepper jelly it becomes nearly impossible to mix it with the coleslaw.  Be careful to not overcook.  You don’t want the jelly to become syrup.
  2. Mix the pepper jelly and cracked pepper in the coleslaw.
  3. Place a small amount, approximately 1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon, on each serving of coleslaw.

This proved to be a really fresh and nice twist to traditional coleslaw.  Let us know how your eat pepper jelly!

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