Ice Cream and Pepper Jelly Waffle Sandwiches

Ice Cream Pepper Jelly Sandwich

We previously talked about Item 8, Pepper Jelly as a Topping on Ice Cream, on our “Ways to Eat Pepper Jelly” list, but have a great new spin for today’s entry.

Ice Cream and Pepper Jelly Waffle sandwiches are easy and quick to prepare.

If you are industrious then maybe homemade waffles are the way to go.  However, we used  Chocolate Chip and Eggo Banana Bread Eggo Waffles and put this together is less than 5 minutes and the kids loved it!  Frankly, I had two of these Ice Cream Sandwiches just for myself.

Ingredients (per sandwich)

  • 2 Eggo Waffles – either Banana Bread or Chocolate Chip
  • 2 Scoops of Ice Cream
  • Pepper Jelly

Pepper Jelly 3 Jars


  1. Toast the Eggo Waffles
  2. Apply the ice cream, then pepper jelly
  3. Serve

Easy, quick and delicious!


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