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Normally we write about recipes and food related topics here.  Today we are making an exception to announce the updated Affiliate Program.  We realize that many readers run food related blogs or websites and the information about our updated Affiliate Program may be helpful to those readers.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs have been around for years and years on the Internet.  An Affiliate Program allows a website or Blog owner to sell products on their website without investing in any inventory.  Quite simply, the website/Blog owner places an advertisement (like the banners on this page) on their site.  Any time a visitor on your site clicks on the advertisement they are directed to the merchant’s site (in this case the website). If they make a purchase, you earn a commission. Affiliate Program Benefits/FAQs?

  1. We have one of the most aggressive and highest paying commission affiliate programs in the gourmet sauce space.
  2. No cost to join.
  3. Banners of different sizes are already designed and ready for you to use on your website or Blog.
  4. We can create banners if there is something different that you need.
  5. No investment in inventory.
  6. No monthly minimums.
  7. Your transactions are approved immediately.
  8. All tracking and payments are administered by our affiliate network administrator.
  9. We offer a tiered commission system, meaning the more your visitors purchase, the higher you commission rates.
  10. Simple process to sign-up and participate.

How do I Participate?

If you run a website or Blog, why not start earning commissions today?  The sign-up process is very east.  Visit the affiliate program page for more details.

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