Rumboggies Sweet Hickory Southern Style Bar-B-Que Sauce Review

Rumboggies BBQ Sauce

Today’s post is from guest author, Mark Pisano.

I moved to Jacksonville in 1994 from New Jersey. Being the Jersey Boy that I am, little did I know how popular BBQ was. Coming from NJ, BBQ was something you did on weekends, not EAT.

I worked on the north side of Jacksonville, and my crew took me to a little BBQ restaurant for lunch, called Rumboggies. I thought the name was very odd to begin with, but I was curious. The food was great, but what made the food taste even better was the Bar-B-Que sauce. They had mustard based, sweet sauces and hot sauces. All were great. Sad to say the restaurant is not around anymore.

I was very happy to hear that Armadillo Pepper is now carrying Rumboggies bar-B-Que sauces. I got a chance to try the sauces all over again. I tried the Sweet Hickory Southern Style Sauce. We used the sauce this past weekend on ribs, chicken and  burgers. The taste was smooth, smoky, and still had a sweet bite.

I have become a real fan of BBQ since living in the south. Rumboggies adds a nice flavor to any food that we have tried. It is a thin sauce, almost like a salad dressing. My kids love it mixed with Ranch Dressing on their salad and we also use it as a marinade. I would have to say that Rumboggies is about the only BBQ sauce that you will always find at my house. They have something for everyone. Also, it’s great to find a product made right here in our home of Jacksonville, Florida.

Mark Pisano
Mark (Jersey) Pisano

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