Beer Can Chicken Using The Brew Butt Chicken Kit

Beer Can Chicken

Now there is a simple and easy way to make Beer Can Chicken.

The Brew Butt Chicken Kit is a complete kit including the can, chicken seasoning and instructions. The kit includes enough seasoning to grill two 3 to 5 pound chickens. No need to create your own dry rub and you don’t have to be an expert backyard chef. It is all right here!

Earlier this year on July 4th, we had the opportunity to do a little backyard grilling here in Jacksonville. Donna from Armadillo Pepper shows you how to use the Brew Butt Chicken Kit.

The result is a really flavorful and moist chicken without much effort at all. Just watch our How to Make Beer Can Chicken Using the Brew Butt Chicken Kit below.


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