Datil Pepper Elderberry Jelly at the Blueberry Festival


Today was the annual blueberry festival in Bostwick, Florida.  Bostwick is about 43 miles south of Jacksonville, Florida or 10 miles north of Palatka, Florida. This festival had the traditional craft vendors, jewelry vendors, fresh blueberries, blueberry bushes (plants), blueberry ice cream, blueberry jelly and some other tasty treats as well. 

My daughter loved this festival.  She picked-up a very reasonably priced necklace, a handmade book mark (that looks like a piece of jewelry to me) and a handcrafted purse.  It was a pretty good day for a 9 year old.

I picked up 5 pounds of fresh blueberries for only $15.  That’s right, only $15.

Today included two “firsts” for me.  I had some blueberry ice cream and Datil Pepper-Elderberry jelly.  I think the easiest way to describe these two items is “I want some more”.  Blueberry ice cream probably doesn’t require much discussion.  On the other hand, some people may not be as familiar with Datil Peppers and Elderberries.

The Datil Pepper has a sweet fruity taste and is slightly less hot than the orange habanero. Datil Pepper heat intensity ranges from  100,000 to 300,000 Scoville Units.  Mature fruit are 1” to 3” in length and are yellow/orange.

St. Augustine, Florida is known for its Datil Peppers and Datil Pepper Hot Sauces. In fact, more Datil Peppers are grown in the St. Augustine area than any other place.

Elderberry is a common shrub here in the Southeastern U.S.  You can find them along fence rows and the sides of the road, particularly in wet areas.  Elderberry bushes like moist open areas such
as the edge of swamps.  Of course, Florida is very flat and has many low areas, so the elderberry enjoys itself here.  People make elderberry wine, pies and of course jelly from the sweet and juicy fruit.  To the untrained eye, the elderberry is just another bush.  However, in late Spring/Early Summer the white elderberry blooms are quite noticeable.

Ripe Elderberries, Widimedia Commons
, GNU Free Documentation License

The Datil Pepper Elderberry Jelly had a very sweet taste with a mild heat.  The Datil Pepper has a sweet flavor along with its heat, which made it an excellent companion for the Elderberry.  I think it is safe to say that  ArmadilloPepper.com will be keeping a sharp eye open for Elderberry Jelly.

Dat'l Do-It Hot Sauce
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