Bacon Explosion at Armadillo Pepper

Bacon Sauces and Seasonings

The Bacon Explosion has arrived at Armadillo Pepper. We’ve recently added the following bacon delicious products:

  • Bacon Hot Sauce
  • Jim Beam Bacon Bourbon Barbecue Sauce
  • Bacon Salt
  • Jalapeno Bacon Salt

Bacon Hot Sauce – Use Bacon Hot Sauce on eggs, steak, wild rice, and anywhere else
where you want a little bacon…and heat! Like Bacon? Like Hot Sauce? Try Bacon Hot Sauce!

Jim Beam Bourbon Bacon Barbecue Sauce – Bourbon, bacon, & BBQ are indispensable to true American hospitality. Jim Beam Bacon Barbecue Sauce adds a rich and subtle bourbon profile, along with the delicious flavor of crisp bacon, to grilled’ meats, baked
chicken, even shrimp and fish.

Bacon Salt and Jalapeno Bacon Salt – We love the savory taste of Original Bacon Salt on eggs, pasta, green vegetables and more. It’s like straight bacon in a bottle! It’s low sodium and Kosher!

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