Heartbreaking Dawns Fiery Trail Preserves Review

Fiery Trail Preserves

Forget about the really awesome label….it’s another really interesting and tasty treat from Johnny and Nicole over at Heartbreaking Dawns.

Fiery Trail Preserves is not really a fruit jam, a chutney or a pepper jelly……it is a combination of all three. Perhaps, the best way to describe Fiery Trail Preserves is as a sweet, tart, fruity and spicy jar of “deliciousness”.

After removing the lid the first aroma is the sweetness of fresh peaches. Next, is a hint of ginger. The complex flavors are then accented with the deep fiery heat of
Peruvian Orange Peppers. The texture is similar to chutney with real chunks of fruit.

We recently made some Panko Chicken Breasts and served with Fiery Trail Preserves. The pan-fried Panko chicken is a nice alternative to heavier deep-fried chicken with less muss and fuss.  Simply dip cutlets into an egg wash and coat with panko bread crumbs.  Fry in a little canola oil and voila!  Panko chicken…..just add Fiery Trail Preserves.

Panko Chicken with Fiery Trail Preserves
You could also use this as a glaze on pork chops or pork loin, a dipping sauce for fried shrimp or as an appetizer by mixing with cream cheese. If you want something really incredible, try Fiery Trail Preserves as a topping on your next bowl of vanilla ice cream. It’s awesome!
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