Tennessee Whiskey Steak & Burger Seasoning Review

Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Steak and Burger Seasoning

Just about all of us can add a little salt and pepper to our premium steaks, but the folks from Historic Lynchburg not only make this a little easier, they go a step further with Tennessee Whiskey Steak and Burger Seasoning.

The primary ingredients are kosher salt and black pepper; however, this mixture includes dill seed, coriander seed, red pepper, green pepper, garlic, onion, some spice and don’t forget a little Jack Daniels Black Label Whiskey.

This is not a seasoning to just help a bad cut of beef become better. We recently put this seasoning to the test with some nice sirloin strips. Just sprinkle on your steaks 2-3 hours before grilling. This really allows the seasoning flavors to soak into the steaks. As you can see, the seasoning blend is coarse and there are nice chunks of garlic which really add that little extra flavor. The flavors in this seasoning don’t mask the natural steak flavor, but instead really enhance the beef.

Steak with Tennessee Whiskey Steak Seasoning

The ole’ folks at Lynchburg have been seasoning their steaks since before the turn of the century. If you’ve ever had a little sippin’ whiskey with a thick steak, then you know why these guys have added some black label to this seasoning.

Tennessee Whiskey Steak & Burger Seasoning is sugar free and has no MSG. Packaged as a generous 6 oz. shaker bottle. The next time you are grilling some Burgers, T-Bones, Rib-Eyes, or New York Sirloin Strips give this seasoning a try. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the wonderful blend of flavors.

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