3 Sisters Chocolate – Chocolate Chili Cupcake Review

Chocolate Chili Cupcake
Chocolate and cayenne pepper? Who knew this combination was made for each other?
Actually, this combination is not as absurd as one might think. Back in the day, the Aztecs drank chocolate flavored with chili peppers.
This Chocolate Chili Cupcake from 3 Sisters Chocolate & Bakery starts as a chocolate cupcake with cayenne pepper flakes mixed in with the cake. The cupcake is topped with chocolate buttercream icing and garnish with some more cayenne chili flakes.
At first bite, you taste the sweet chocolate and the creamy chocolate buttercream icing. As it works its way to the back of your palate, it finishes with a nice bite of the cayenne pepper. As you work your way toward the center of the cupcake, you are met with a very nice surprise….the cupcake is filled in the center with chocolate ganache (ganache is a mixture of cream and chocolate).
Not only does the flavor combination set this cupcake apart from others, but its size is almost double of cupcakes that you will find at other cupcake shops. If you like chocolate….if you like hot…..this is definitely the cupcake for you!
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