Hot Sauce of the Month Gift for the Holidays

Hot Sauce of the Month Club

It is that time of year. Christmas trees are for sale on every street corner. The sale papers are full of great deals, but you are still not sure what to get that special someone.

This year why not consider giving a Hot Sauce of the Month Membership. Trinidad Scorpion Pepper SauceThe beauty of this gift is that it keeps on giving even after the holidays. Depending on the membership that you purchase, your gift recipient can receive hot sauce for 3 months, 6 months or even up to 1 year. That’s right, a Hot Sauce of the Month Membership delivers hot sauce once each month for up to 12 consecutive months.

At Armadillo Pepper, we’ve structured our Hot Sauce of the Month program to deliver award-winning and hard-to-find Hot Sauces. Most of the Hot Sauces in an Armadillo Pepper Hot Sauce membership are
from small, boutique producers with incredible heat and flavor!

Every Hot Sauce of the Month includes a gift card and free shipping.

This is truly an awesome gift for the hot sauce lover and it is simple to purchase.

  1. Select the number of months for the membership
  2. Select 1 or 2 bottles to be delivered each month
  3. Decide on your gift message

We take care of everything else. No hidden costs. The first shipment is within 10 days of order and the remaining shipments occur the last week of each subsequent month.

Each month when we ship the hot sauce to your gift recipient, you will automatically receive an email letting you know the hot sauce has been shipped.

So, this holiday season, consider giving the gift that keeps on giving and helps to keep that loved one “warm” through the winter months. Your Hot Sauce of the Month Club gift will be appreciated and remembered for many months after Christmas.

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