Infused Honey At Armadillo Pepper

Infused Honey

Honey Infusions from Beehive Alchemy is now available at Armadillo Pepper. Each of these infused honeys is really a special treat.

Beehive Alchemy takes Wisconsin Clover Honey and then infuses the honey with different flowers, spices and peppers.

These are some of the most interesting honeys you will find anywhere. The infused honeys are the result of months of mixing, waiting, and sampling until the right flavor intensity has been reached. Each infusion is accomplished “cold” – meaning no heat is applied to speed up the infusion process. As a result all of the health benefits are still in the honey.

Habanero Honey

There are four Honey Infusions flavors:

  • Vanilla Bean Infused Honey – This honey is infused with pure Madagascar Vanilla Beans. You will taste the mild vanilla flavor immediately, followed by the silky, sweet, clover honey. This one is awesome drizzled over a warm chocolate chip muffin, or pound cake and also adds natural sweetness to tea.
  • Lavender Blossoms Infused Honey – For this honey, you first taste the clover honey and then the mild hint of lavender blossoms. This honey is an obvious addition to any tea. Very versatile, you can try this on a biscuit, toast or with bagels and cream cheese.
  • Rose Bud Infused Honey – Here again, you will first taste the delicious clover honey, then followed by the subtle rose buds. Another obvious choice for any tea. This infused honey also is a wonderful complement over a fruit salad or drizzled over goat cheese with a nice pepper cracker.
  • Habanero Infused Honey – Being a pepper head, this honey is extremely interesting. Upon your initial taste, you will savor the flavor of sweet, clover honey. You almost think they forgot to infuse it with habanero pepper, but 5 to 7 seconds later you start to taste the habanero. On a scale to 1 to 10, I would say the heat is about a three. This honey pairs nicely with Grilled Chicken Wings or Chicken Breasts as a glaze. This honey is equally appetizing drizzled lightly over beef or pork. We’ve already tried this one as a topper on ice cream. Another excellent pairing, as the cold of the vanilla ice cream and the mild heat of the habanero are a totally new experience.

Honey Infusions are truly unique. Each is so flavorful, you immediately start looking for ways to consume these honeys.

Each Honey Infusion is packaged in a 10 ounce square glass jar. The jar opening is large enough for a spoon, but narrow enough if you prefer to pour the honey out. Available individually or the complete set is available as an Infused Honey Gift Basket. Because these are so rare and difficult to find, this Honey Gift Basket makes the perfect gift for the honey lover.

Infused Honey Gift Basket

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