Distler’s Fiery Habanero Pretzels Review

Distler's Fiery Habanero Pretzels

Up in Williston, VT there is a young guy by the name of Alec Distler who has created habanero pretzels. Distler’s Fiery Pretzels was started back in 2008 when Alec was in the 8th grade and has done nothing but grow ever since!

At Distler’s they take hard sourdough pretzels, break the pretzels up into bite sized pieces and then mix them with habanero peppers and then rebake until crisp. According to Distler’s, pretzels are America’s favorite snack and with a habanero pepper kick, they are even better! One other note of interest is that 10% of sales are donated to charity.

Distler's Fiery Habanero Pretzels

According to the package ingredients include sourdough pretzels, canola oil, dressing mix, seasoning mix, habanero powder and dried dill.Upon opening the bag there is an immediate aroma of seasoning and habanero. The pepper aroma doesn’t cause you to sneeze from the heat, but is the pure fruity smell of the habanero. Alec has done a nice job of blending the flavor of the habanero with the pretzel without overpowering the pretzel with the heat. There aren’t a lot of spicy pretzels on the market and Alec Distler has figured out the right recipe. Distler’s Fiery Pretzels are a great snack for the fiery food lover!


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