Heartbreaking Dawns Mauvais Sang Hot Sauce Review

Heartbreaking Dawns Mauvais Sang and Nuit en Enfer Hot Sauces

Johnny and Nicole over at Heartbreaking Dawns have released two new hot sauces: Mauvais Sang (“bad blood”) and Nuit en Enfer (“night in hell”). These are two of the hottest all-natural hot sauces available in the market today.Both of these hot sauces feature Trinidad and Moruga Scorpion Peppers as well as Ghost Peppers…..absolutely, the world’s hottest peppers.

Today we are reviewing Mauvais Sang. In our video review below, we will discuss texture, hotness, aroma and suggested uses for this hot sauce.

We certainly recommend that you try Mauvais Sang Hot Sauce. In the tradition of Heartbreaking Dawns, they have once again married extreme heat and flavor!

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