How to Smoke Eggs

Smoked Eggs

Looking for a new and easy appetizer for your next backyard party? Smoking some ribs and have some extra space in your smoker? Then, why not smoke some eggs. Extremely easy and only takes about 2 hours. The flavor is simply great.

No need to boil. The smoke magically permeates the shells. To make these Smoked Eggs, just do the following.

  1. Preheat your smoker to 225 degrees and get your wood smoking. I like to use Pecan wood. It is not too strong, but does provide a nice smokey flavor.
  2. Take your eggs from the refrigerator and place in your smoker. Some folks will soft boil or boil and then crack the shells to allow the smoke to permeate. I find that the smoke finds its way through the shell without any of this pre-preparation.
  3. After two hours remove your eggs from the smoker and let cool.
  4. Tap the eggs on the counter to crack the shells and peel.

Smoked Eggs on Plate

It really doesn’t get much easier. After peeling you can slice the eggs in half and place on a serving platter with other appetizers. You can also eat these whole for a nice, healthy snack!

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