Dave’s Gourmet Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Review

Dave's Ghost Pepper Sauce

Today we are reviewing Dave’s Gourmet Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce made withBhutJolokia (a.k.a. Ghost Pepper, NagaJolokia) Peppers.In this video we review Dave’s Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, rank the heat and provide food suggestions for using this hot sauce.

For those not familiar with Dave’s Gourmet, it was started by Dave Hirschkop while he owned a small restaurant/bar back in the 1990’s. Dave’s Gourmet is well known among the pepper head crowd. The quick background is that Dave realized giving “drunk” patrons very hot foods tended to “quite them down“.
As a result, Dave created Dave’s Insanity Sauce and the rest of the story is now a hot sauce and fiery snack powerhouse.

Dave’s Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce ingredients include Ghost Pepper/Naga Jolokia, hot pepper extract, salt, vegetable oil, roasted garlic pulp, acetic acid. Notice that this sauce includes hot pepper extract, so be careful. You will want to keep this sauce away from children, pets and old people!

When you open this sauce, you can immediately smell the aroma of the ghost peppers and garlic. At first taste you will immediately get the ghost pepper flavor followed by the garlic and then a little salty flavor. Then, the extract kicks in and you will really get the full heat. For the majority of people this is a really hot sauce! The first thing that comes to mind for this hot sauce is using it with chile. It has a nice meaty flavor.

For out complete, detailed review, please see our video review.

Dave’s Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce is certainly worth adding to your collection.


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