Best BBQ Sauces Top 10

Best BBQ Sauces

As interest in backyard barbecuing continues to grow and more and more folks look to purchase BBQ sauces for friends and family, one question we get asked over and over, “what is the Best BBQ Sauce?”

I’m here to tell you that there is not a single best barbecue sauce. There are lots of excellent barbecue sauces out there and some are better than others, but the best varies depending on what you grew up eating, your tastes and of course which expert you consult.

The fact of the matter is that some folks like their barbecue sauce sweet, some mustard, some spicy and then others somewhere in between. Today, we will identify the best barbecue sauces as determined by our customers last year (2012) at Armadillo Pepper.

1.  Fat Bastard Hawgwash BBQ Sauce is a rich, mild and sweet, light hickory smoke, Kansas City style barbecue sauce. Made by The Family Jewels out of Montreal, Missouri the Fat Bastard line of BBQ sauces have been featured on the Food Network multiple years and have collected a long list of awards:

  • 1st place 2004 Golden Chile Awards
  • 1st place 2003 Golden Chile Awards
  • 1st place 2002 Best Sauce on the Planet
  • 1st place 2002 Golden Chile Award
  • 1st place 2002 Memphis in May
Fat Bastard Hawgwash BBQ Sauce

2. Pappy’s XXX White Lightnin’ Barbecue Sauce is a Kentucky BBQ sauce from BourbonQ. This sauce starts with a smooth richness and then finishes with a bit of heat. Pappy’s XXX White Lightnin’ is another multi-award winner, including:

  • 2003 People’s Choice Award – International Zesty Food Show, 2nd Place
  • 2001 Scovie Award – 1st Place, Barbecue Sauce, Specialty Chile
  • 2001 NBBQA Certificate of Recognition – Top Twenty Barbecue Sauce, Tomato/Spicy
  • 2001 NBBQA Certificate of Recognition – Top Twenty Best Label Barbecue Sauce
  • 2001 Kentucky State Senate Certificate of Recognition
Pappy's XXX White Lightnin' BBQ Sauce

3. King Street Blues Mahogany Blues BBQ Sauce is a tangy, spicy mahogany barbecue sauce. From the King Street Blues Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, VA this is the same BBQ Sauce used on the King Street Blues pork back ribs that won Virginia’s People’s Choice Award multiple years in a row.

King Street Blues Mahogany BBQ Sauce

4. Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Original White Sauce has been delighting Alabama palates since 1925. It’s used on every piece of chicken prepared at Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ restaurant and is a 1st Place White Sauce Winner 1995 American Royal Barbeque Contest, Kansas City, MO.

Bob Gibson White BBQ Sauce

5. Ole’ Rays Apple Cinnamon Barbecue Sauce is a mild tomato based BBQ sauce that pairs well with pork, ribs and chicken. At our last count, this BBQ sauce from Ole Ray’s has collected 8 different awards:

  • 1st Place Winner 2005 National BBQ Association and People’s Choice
  • 1st Place Winner 2005 National BBQ Association Gold Medal Award of Excellence
  • 1st Place Winner 2002 NBBQA
  • 1st Place 2001 NBBQA
  • 2nd Place Winner 2006 National BBQ Association and People’s Choice
  • 3rd Place Winner 2006 Golden Chile/Chile Pepper Magazine/Fiery Food Challenge
  • 3rd Place 2000 American Royal
  • 3rd Place Winner 2007 National BBQ Association Barbecue Sauce: Fruit Mild
Ole Ray's BBQ Sauce

6. Corky’s Original Bar-B-Que Sauce from Corky’s restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee. A traditional Memphis sauce, the list of accolades for Corky’s Bar-B-Que Sauce continues to grow:

  • Memphis Magazine Voted #1 BBQ 17 Straight Years
  • Southern Living Magazine Readers Poll: Voted #1 BBQ 3 Straight Years
  • MEMPHIS Flyer: Voted #1 BBQ 6 Straight Years
  • FODOR’S: Corky’s is the place to do some down and dirty barbecue eating.
  • Farrah Fawcett: “Corky’s, thank you for the best BBQ ever, and I’m from Texas.”
  • Anette Benning: “The BBQ is fabulous!”
  • PGA Great Tom Kite: “Thanks for the Great BBQ!”
  • NFL Great Ken Stabler: “Awesome!”
Corky's BBQ Sauce

7. Fat Bastard Cap’n Jack Tropical Rum BBQ Sauce
is a wonderful tropical BBQ Sauce made with mango, pineapple, strawberries, secret spices and the Captain’s Reserve Spiced Rum! For more background information on the Fat Bastard barbecue sauces and awards refer to #1 Hawgwash above.

Fat Bastard Cap'n Jack BBQ Sauce

8. Fat Bastard Pepperjack Hot Vinegar Mop Sauce is a North Carolina style Mop Sauce. Use this one with chopped beef or shredded pork. For more background information on the Fat Bastard barbecue sauces and awards refer to #1 Hawgwash above.

Fat Bastard Pepperjack Mop Sauce

9. Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Championship Red Sauce is a classic tomato-based barbeque sauce that enhances the flavor of all meat. Awarded the World’s Best Sauce on the Planet for three consecutive years as selected over 500 entries at the American Royal International Sauce Contest.

Bob Gibson Championship Red BBQ Sauce

10. Fighting Cock BBQ Sauce is another award-winning BBQ Sauce from the Kentucky folks at BourbonQ. According to BourbonQ this was one of the first bourbon based BBQ Sauces on the market that was developed specifically for those who like a bit of spice in their cocktail.

  • 1st Place Winner at the 2003 People’s Choice Award – International Zesty Food Show.
Fighting Cock BBQ Sauce

And there you have it, the best BBQ Sauces from 2012 at Armadillo Pepper. You won’t be disappointed with any of these sauces!

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