Evil Seed Sauce Company Tasting at Armadillo Pepper

Evil Seed Hot Sauces

Patrick McGill from the Evil Seed Sauce Company brought three of his hot sauces along with a few of his special recipes over to our store this past Saturday (8/10/2013) for a hot sauce tasting.

Evil Seed Sauce Company was founded early in 2012 here in Jacksonville, FL and they have already made a big impression in hot sauce circles. In a little over 1.5 years their sauces are now sold on every continent.

In addition to being busy making very flavorful hot sauces they’ve earned a spot on the Food network with Kelsey Nixon as well as other accolades including being a the topic in the New York Times, The New York Post and a feature in The Huffington Post.

So, we were very honored when Patrick brought over Evil Seed’s Hell Peach, Signature Pure Black and Asylum Crazy Hot Sauces over to our store for customers to try on Saturday. Patrick prepared several dishes for folks to try with the Evil Seed sauces including a coleslaw with Hell Peach Hot Sauce and his Crazy Chicken Cheese Dip with Asylum Crazy Hot Sauce.

Evil Seed Hot Sauces

For those not yet familiar with the Evil Seed Hot Sauces, just a quick overview:

  • Hell Peach Hot Sauce – A Habanero, Serrano and peach based hot sauce. This is the mildest hot sauce with a bit of a sweet flavor from the peaches. Great on chicken, fish, pork and coleslaw. Especially nice for those who like flavor with a mild heat.
  • Signature Pure Black Hot Sauce – A Habanero and Jalapeno based hot sauce. Great on eggs, pasta, meats, oysters and in mixed drinks.
  • Asylum Crazy Hot Sauce – This is a 5-pepper hot sauce made with Moruga Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion, Habanero, Red Chile and Red Serrano Peppers. This is the hottest of the Evil Seed Hot Sauces and is great on everything, from eggs and oysters to pizza, wings and chili.

In addition to the hot sauce tasting we gave away Armadillo Pepper Chocolate Covered Jalapenos and samples of our newest spicy chocolates including Habanero Chocolate Covered Oreos and Habanero Chocolate Bars.

Chocolate Covered Jalapenos

It was great getting to chat with all of our customers that stopped in to visit. Thanks to everyone that came out and thanks again to Patrick and Evil Seed Hot Sauces for bringing over their really awesome hot sauces for everyone to try.


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