Carroll’s Sausage & Meats – 40 Varieties of Sausage

Carrols Sausage and Meats Store

On a recent trip returning from Atlanta back to Jacksonville, we stopped by Carroll’s Sausage & Meats in Ashburn, Georgia. Several miles before reaching the exit you start seeing the billboards for their sausage. After about three billboards, I decided it was a detour I had to make. Difficult to miss, as it’s easily accessible immediately off of I-75 and a rather large building with plenty of parking.

Upon entering the store I was taken back to my childhood in Kentucky. Carroll’s is a real country store with real meat butchers, but it’s the largest I have ever seen. The glass meat case goes on and on. They carry pork loins, ribs, Boston Butt, steaks, slab bacon, chicken, hog jowls, neck bones, heads, ears and tails. But, today my interest was their 40+ varieties of sausage. They also carry quail, rabbit and frog legs (although I didn’t learn that they offered frog legs until after I left, a favorite of mine). They also have shelves of jellies, relishes, BBQ sauces, honey, produce and other items.

There was beef or pork sausage. Mild, medium and hot. Then there was smoked, fresh or pan sausage. Cheese sausage, Polish, Italian, jalapeno pepper, cheese and jalapeno pepper…..well, you get the point.

I settled on a pound each of black peppered slab bacon, medium fresh link sausage (pictured on the left) and mild Andouille (pictured on the right). Not a bad price either with a total price of $16.44 plus $4.99 for a “cold” packer bag to keep things cool while completing my 3 hours back to Jacksonville.


The idea was to smoke the sausage. Using some apple wood, I set up the smoker at 225 degrees and smoked the sausage for about 1.25 hours. Although the FDA recommends cooking to at least 160 degrees, it makes me feel a bit safer tooverachieve when it comes to sausage. I completed this at 170 degrees. After smoking, I put in a high heat frying pan to get that nice dark coloring on the outside similar to breakfast sausage.The original idea was to eat the mild sausage as sausage dogs and use the Andouille with red beans and rice. Well, I ate almost 1/2 of the mild sausage between lunch and dinner, then with the help of my son we ate almost all of the rest at dinner. I like to dress my sausage dog with Chow Chow Relish,sauteed onions and mustard.

Carrols Sausage Dog

The only bad thing about Carroll’s Sausage is that it’s so far away from Jacksonville. Really fresh flavor, simply delicious. The next time I’m traveling through Georgia I will certainly visit Carroll’s again….but, also pick up some frog legs!

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