Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q Restaurant Review

Fox Brothers Restaurant
If you follow any of the “Best BBQ Restaurant” reviews, then no doubt you’ve heard of Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q Restaurant. Located at 1238 DeKalb Ave NE (Candler Park) in Atlanta, GA, Fox Bros. has been named Atlanta’s Best BBQ as well as identified as one of the Best BBQ Restaurants in America by several different publications. The setting is a converted gas station with a laid-back atmosphere.The inside is very casual with signs, photos of celebrities and neon signs filling the walls. Very open and a bit noisy with a few flat screens for watching the games (at least on this specific Saturday).

Fox Brothers Restaurant Inside

The three of us started with the Fried Pickles and Fried Jalapeno slices appetizer. Both were very crunchy which is always a good thing and it didn’t take us long to determine that we actually like to pair a jalapeno with a pickle for each bite.

Fried Pickes & Fried Jalapenos

The first lunch entree was the rib and brisket combination. My choice of sides included coleslaw and fries. The dish is served by first placing a piece of Texas toast on the bottom of the plate, then layering on the brisket followed by the ribs. The ribs were considered a half a rack, but they would be plenty for all but the heartiest appetite. I’m a BBQ Sauce guy and it’s probably worth mentioning at this point the Fox Bros. only offers one BBQ Sauce. It is a traditional, mild sauce.

The brisket had a nice smoky flavor and was extremely tender. The ribs were cooked like traditional BBQ competition ribs. Not falling off the bones, but tender with each bite.

Fox Brothers Brisket & Ribs Combo

Next to try was the Brisket Sandwich – chopped with a side of fried okra. You have your choice of sliced or chopped brisket on the sandwich. This sandwich was served on a traditional bun piled high with chopped brisket. This was more than enough for the normal appetite. The meat was very moist, tender and juicy. It was tasty but I would’ve appreciated a larger variety of bbq sauces. I prefer a mustard based sauce and there was no such animal available. I’d give it a three out of five.

Smoked Brisket Sandwich

The third lunch item was the Fox Bros “Burger”, but this is no average burger. It included chopped brisket topped with bacon, tomato, red onion, pickles, melted pinento cheese and jalapeno mayo on a buttered, toasted bun. This is another sandwich that is more than enough for the average person. It could easily be split between two people. It was juicy, cheesy, a little spicy but not too spicy for the sissy in our party and tasty with a nice smokey flavor. Definitely not first date food as it’s very messy to eat.

Fox Brothers Burger

Before anyone asks, I don’t normally take pictures in the men’s room. However, this quote, “Courage is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway” is from my favorite all-time actor, John Wayne. One thing’s for sure, courage is not required to enjoy some Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q. The appetizer and all three meals were delicious. Prices are reasonable and service was quick and good. I rate Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q 4 out of 5 stars!

John Wayne


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