How to Smoke Alligator

Smoked Alligator

In today’s How To Video, I’m going to show you how to smoke Alligator seasoned with Gator Hammock Cooter Rub. One of the questions you may have is where can I purchase alligator. At least here in north Florida you will not find gator in your big name grocery store. There are several on-line stores (just search for buy alligator), but we purchased this gator at our local butcher shop. It’s a 1 lb gator filet farm raised in Louisiana.

Raw Alligator Filet

One of the challenges with smoking alligator is that it’s a lean meat,
so if you smoke it too long it gets dry and it can get tough. The key to
making sure the gator does not get tough is to soak it in a brine the
night before. If you’ve visited our blog previously or watched any of
our videos on smoking chicken and salmon, we explain the importance of
using a brine and how to make one. Quite simply, a brine helps to keep
the gator from drying out. For this gator, we simply mixed water, sea salt and brown sugar then let the gator marinate overnight in the refrigerator.

Alligator in Brine

We will drain off the brine and then pat the gator dry before adding the seasoning. Because we are smoking gator it only seems appropriate to season it with some Gator Hammock Cooter Rub made here in LaBelle, Florida where we have an abundance of gators. All natural ingredients include garlic, salt, Chipotle peppers and other peppers. This rub is a bit spicy and will add a nice flavor to our gator.

Gator Hammock Cooter Rub

Simply apply a liberal coating of the Cooter Rub to both sides of your gator filet. Similar to chicken, gator does not have a lot of fat, so we will smoke it at a higher temperature of 225 to 250 degrees for 2 hours.

To see the complete process for How to Smoke Alligator, see our how to video below.

When the gator is ready to serve, it can be used as an entree or you can cut the gator into chunks and serve as an appetizer. So, if you’ve never smoked some gator we hope you will give it a try the next time you’re in the backyard with your smoker!


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