Top 15 New Fiery Sauces & Snacks of 2013

Every year there are numerous fiery foods introduced, some from major brand players and some from small companies that you may not have ever head. Our Top 15 Fiery Sauces and Snacks of 2013 is intended to introduce you to some of the this year’s tastiest and hottest foods!

             Silver Leaf Ghost Pepper Salsa

1.  SilverLeaf International Ghost Pepper Salsa Verde. There are only a handful of ghost pepper salsas available and this is the only Ghost Pepper Salsa Verde that we know about. From SilverLeaf international, this salsa is full of flavor and packs more heat than your typical “Grocery Store Salsa).

Blair's Jolokia Pepper Chips

2.  Blair’s Death Rain Jolokia Pepper Cauldron Cooked Potato Chips. Of course Blair’s is a major powerhouse in the fiery foods industry, but Blair hit it out of the park with these Ghost Pepper chips. Crunchy, flavorful and a heat that builds. This is a must try for the spicy snacker. See our video review to learn more.

Pickle Licker Ghost Pepper Pickles

3. Pickle Licker Ghost Pepper Pickles. From Farmington, Maine these pickles are crunchy and each jar has a whole ghost pepper. The longer they sit in your refrigerator the hotter they get!

evil seed asylum hotsauce

4. Evil Seed Asylum Crazy Hot Sauce. This is a 5-pepper sauce including Moruga Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion, Habanero, Red Chile and Red Serrano peppers. Don’t let all the peppers scare you away. This sauce does pack some heat, but not too much and is full of flavor.

5. Heartbreaking Dawns Mauvais Sang Hot Sauce. This may be one of the hottest all-natural sauces. Contains a blend of Fatali Peppers, Trinidad and Moruga Scorpion Peppers and Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Peppers) along with Agave, Coriander and Lime. See our Mauvais Sang video review.


6. Dave’s Gourmet Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce. The newest hot sauce from Dave’s, this sauce contains no extracts; just Scorpion Peppers, water, salt, acetic acid and xanthan gum. Delicious sauce and hot! Check out our full video review of Dave’s Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce for more details.

Silver Leaf bread butter ghost pepper garlic

7. Marinated Bread & Butter Garlic with Ghost Peppers. Another snack from SilverLeaf. Classic bread and butter garlic made with Ghost Pepper is hot and sweet. Great as an appetizer on a toothpick along with cheese and tomato or simply eat right out of the jar.

honey badger_cobra_strength_bbq_sauce

8. Honey Badger BBQ Sauce Cobra Strength. A delicious mix of heat and sweet, combining real honey with Habanero Peppers. Not too hot, but does add a little zest!

Black Tiger Whiskey Beef Jerky

9. Black Tiger Whiskey Beef Jerky. Made with eye of round steak and marinated in a mix of special spices and whiskey. Soft, easy to chew beef jerky.

4 Rivers Smokehouse Hot BBQ Sauce

10. 4 Rivers Smokehouse Hot Barbecue Sauce. This restaurant has quickly grown from 1 to 5 locations. There are two versions of this sauce, original and Hot. The  hot is actually more sweet and tangy than it is hot with a smoky spice finish.

Jeff's Real Bacon Jerky

11. Jeff’s Famous Real Bacon Jerky Maple Brown Sugar. Everything is better with bacon and now with a light maple brown sugar flavor that will certainly be enjoyed by any bacon lover. See our detailed video review.

Hot Line Ghost Pepper Sauce

12. Hot Line Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. Hot Line focuses on flavor and then heat. This Texas hot sauce is made with red roasted bell peppers, onions, carrots, grilled red Jalapeno Peppers, grilled Habanero  Peppers and Ghost Pepper Mash. Extremely flavorful with medium heat. See our full video review.

Tortugas Lost Gold Dark Rum Pepper Sauce

13. Tortugas Lost Gold Dark Rum Pepper Sauce with 24 Karat Gold. Pineapple, apple cider vinegar, dark rum, honey, mango, natural sugar, raisins, Cayenne pepper, Peri Peri pepper, spices and real 24 karat gold flakes are combined to make this one of the year’s most unusual and interesting, new hot sauces. See our full video review.

rogue moruga scorpion pepper sauce

14. High River Sauces Rogue Moruga Scorpion Pepper Sauce. Made with blood oranges, apples, pears and Moruga Scorpion Peppers. An extremely interesting flavor that packs some real heat.

Krave Black Cherry Pork Jerky

15. Krave Black Cherry Barbecue Pork Jerky. Tender slices of pork marinated with a sweet and peppery, Sonoma-style, black cherry barbecue sauce. Krave definitely has another winning jerky flavor with this one.

There it is! 2013 has been the year of ghost pepper snacks and scorpion pepper hot sauces. Your fiery food friends will be delighted to try any of these new items.

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