Like Grapefruits? Try a Pomelo!

This past weekend I stopped by a Farmer’s Market and was introduced to the Pomelo. I usually write about fiery foods and backyard barbecuing, but found this interesting fruit worth mentioning. What is apomelo? Pomelos are the largest of the citrus fruits and native to South and Southeast Asia. These fruits are usually yellow when ripe and have a white to pink flesh.Pomelos are similar to grapefruits (which are believed to be a cross of pomelos and oranges), but much larger and also have a thicker yellow skin. The pomelo is also similar in flavor to the grapefruit, but not as sour. It has a sweeter taste. Although pomelos are not as well-known as the grapefruit, thA single pomelo (600g) has over 600% of the Vitamin C and over 20% of the fiber recommended for a single day, but only a little more than 200 calories.

Pomelos have become more readily available in recent years due to commercial exportation orchards in warmer climates around the world including here in Florida. The fruit remains the most popular in it’s deeply rooted Asian cultures and cuisines.

I find the simplest way to remove the thick skin is to score the pomelo with a paring knife. Make 4 separate, circular cuts completely around the pomelo. Then, you will be able to peel away the thick skin.

Polmelo with Peel Removed

Once the skin is removed, I peeled away the cut sections much like you would eat an orange. I’ve always been a fan of grapefruits and although the pomelo is similar I found it to not be very tart like grapefruits. It was a very pleasant surprise. Because the fruit is large, half of it can be sealed in a container and placed in the refrigerator for a snack the next day. If you get the chance to try a pomelo, I strongly recommend you give one a try.

Sliced Pomelo
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