6 Ways to Use Pepper Jelly

Varieties of Pepper Jelly

With the holidays approaching everyone is always looking for quick and easy appetizers for their guests. Today, I will show you six different ways use pepper jelly, but don’t limit this versatile spread to only the holidays and appetizers. Pepper jelly can be used to enhance your dishes throughout the year and works equally well on some of your favorite entrees. (There’s a video below that shows you how to use pepper jelly for all these dishes.)

Probably the most popular and easiest way to use pepper jelly is on a block of cream cheese as an appetizer. Some relatives or friends pop-in unannounced simply put some cream cheese in the center of a plate, spread your favorite pita chips or crackers around the cream cheese and then pour the pepper jelly on top of the cream cheese. I like to use Blackberry or Blueberry pepper jelly for this appetizer.

Pepper Jelly on Cream Cheese

Another easy and great way to use pepper jelly is with Jalapeno Poppers. Of course you can make the poppers from scratch or when in a hurry grab some of the frozen ones. Simply prepare your poppers, plate and add a dipping dish with pepper jelly. I like a habanero pepper jelly or jalapeno pepper jelly with poppers.

Jalapeno Poppers with Pepper Jelly

Number 3 on our list today is using pepper jelly as a dip for Coconut Shrimp. This is probably my second most favorite way to pair pepper jelly. The sweetness of the coconut along with the sweet heat of the pepper jelly is something that leave our guests always asking “How do you make this”? Two of my favorite pepper jellies with the shrimp are One Screw Loose Brew Ha Habanero Beer Pepper Jelly Rub and One Screw Orange Apparition Pepper Jelly.

Coconut Shrimp with Pepper Jelly

Looking for a way to give your guests something they’ve not had? Grilled pineapple with pepper jelly glaze (you can find the recipe here) can be a wonderful appetizer or served as a side. The char flavor coupled with the sweet pineapple and heat from the pepper jelly always makes a lasting impression. For this dish I like to use a blueberry pepper jelly or (for those who like more heat) Heartbreaking Dawns Strawberry Trail Preserves. As pepper jellies go, Strawberry Trail Preserves is hot due to the use of scorpion peppers.

Grilled Pineapple with Pepper Jelly

Everyone has had meatballs in grape jelly either at a wedding reception or large event. Of course you can throw the meatballs in the crock pot and add pepper jelly for an updated recipe, but why not add an entirely new twist to this old favorite. I like to wrap meatballs with bacon an grill, then glaze your bacon-wrapped meatballs with pepper jelly (see our Bacon Wrapped Meatballs with Pepper Jelly Glaze recipe). For this tasty treat, I like to glaze the meatballs with a heartier pepper jelly such as One Screw Loose Cup O Joe Lapeno Coffee Pepper Jelly.

Bacon Wrapped Meatballs with Pepper Jelly

Last, but not least….my favorite way to use pepper jelly…..as a topping on vanilla ice cream. The taste sensation from the cold sweetness of the ice cream and the sweet heat of the pepper jelly is almost indescribable. This is one way to user pepper jelly where you can use a hotter pepper jelly. I have seen people who find a particular pepper jelly too hot, but enjoy it with ice cream. If you only try one of my ways to use pepper jelly make it this one!

Ice Cream with Pepper Jelly Topping

In our Ways to Use Pepper Jelly video, Donna shows you some of our favorite dishes to pair with pepper jelly.

Have any favorite ways of your own for using pepper jelly? Please let us know.
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