Gallon Size Honey Now Available at Armadillo Pepper

Orange Blossom Honey

You spoke and we listened. Many of our customers that regularly use honey had requested that we carry larger sizes which are more economical. Armadillo Pepper is pleased to announce that we now have 1 gallon jugs of honey available.

We currently have Orange Blossom and Wildflower available in the 1 gallon sizes. Orange Blossom honey has a sweet, medium flavor and carries a
hint of the heady aroma of orange blossoms. This honey is produced here in Florida.

The other gallon size that we are offering is Wildflower honey. Because the mix of flowers in blooms varies each year (highly dependent on weather) the taste will vary from year-to-year. Wildflower honey is usually a little darker that some of the other honey varietals with a rich, sweet and sometimes slightly stronger honey taste.

Wildflower Honey Gallon

Gallon jug sizes are much more economical for the person who regularly uses honey such as someone who takes honey in their tea or coffee every day. Gallon jugs are also more economical for all of the Mead makers out there. In recent years, the home-making of Mead has gained a resurgence in popularity.

Armadillo Pepper is already a leading retailer of honey on the internet. We offer over 40 different types of honey plus a variety of honey gifts. In the next few months we also plan to add Gallberry and Tupelo honey in the 1 gallon jug sizes. So, please check back with Armadillo Pepper for more honey types in the not so distant future!

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