How to Smoke Frog Legs

Smoked Frog Legs
Today we are making Frog Legs in the smoker! That’s right frog legs. We don’t have frog legs around here that often, so today is a special treat for us. This is a very simple frog leg recipe that will produce delicious frog legs every time.

When preparing your frog legs, always remember that less is better. Don’t hide the delicate flavor of the frog legs with a bunch of seasonings.

Brining is not critical for frog legs because they will only be in the smoker for 30 minutes to an hour. With that said, I do use a brine for 1-2 hours. After brining, rinse the legs with water to get rid of any excess salt.

After removing from the brine, rinsing and patting dry (with paper towels), I use about ½ cup of olive oil per 2 lbs of frog legs and mix 4 teaspoons of Walker & Sons Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning.

Slap Ya Mama SeasoningPour the olive oil and seasoning in a one gallon bag, add the frog legs and move around in the bag to get them coated well.

Set the smoker at 225 degrees. I’m using my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. Also, I am using a combination of Alder and Cherry wood. The lighter wood will not overwhelm the oysters.

To see the complete recipe and watch all of the details on how to smoke these frog legs, please watch our How to Smoke Frog Legs video below.

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