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Gallon Size Honey Now Available at Armadillo Pepper

You spoke and we listened. Many of our customers that regularly use honey had requested that we carry larger sizes which are more economical. Armadillo Pepper is pleased to announce that we now have 1 gallon jugs of honey available. … Continue reading

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Habanero Honey Vanilla Ice Cream

  We are already having 80+ degree days in North Florida and summer is just around the corner. Looking for a cool, soothing dessert?People have been enjoying chilled desserts as far back as the Persian Empire. As early as the … Continue reading

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Infused Honey At Armadillo Pepper

Honey Infusions from Beehive Alchemy is now available at Armadillo Pepper. Each of these infused honeys is really a special treat. Beehive Alchemy takes Wisconsin Clover Honey and then infuses the honey with different flowers, spices and peppers. These are … Continue reading

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Honey Lover’s Gift Basket

Did someone say honey and chocolate? Just in time for the Christmas holidays is Armadillo Pepper’s new Honey Lover’s Gift Basket. Everything in the basket is all about honey. 2 Honey lip balms made with Coconut, Apricot, Avocado and Jojoba … Continue reading

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Sourwood Honey

Arguably the rarest honey, Sourwood Honey (the folks in Florida claim Tupelo is the rarest), hails only from the lower Appalachian Mountains.Sourwood is a Mono floral honey meaning it is a honey where the bees collect nectar from only a … Continue reading

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Datil Pepper BBQ Ribs

The Datil Pepper is not well known outside of the northeastern Florida area. But, for those who have visited America’s oldest city, St. Augustine, many become a permanent Datil Pepper fan. St. Augustine and the surrounding local area grow 95% … Continue reading

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The Secret to Expanding Your Child’s Palate

Am I the only parent that has a difficult time getting their kids to try different foods?  Perhaps, I am to blame for this phenomenon.  When I was a kid, my Dad made me sit at the table for hours (literally hours) until I ate (or hid) the peas I didn’t like.  Now don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining and I had a great childhood.  I think (?) I turned out….well, sort of okay.

Some of the things I didn’t like “way back then” are not so bad today.   I …
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